Ready-made formulas

Our product range includes more than 300 used formulations for specialized products.

  1. Dry powder cocktails with protein content of 0 to 90%. Egg, soy, milk and whey concentrates are in stock. More than 100 recipes.
  2. Drinks.
    We have developed more than 60 formulas of drinks. They include energy drinks based on guarana extract, L-carnitine drinks, isotonic drinks, carbohydrate drinks and calorie-free drinks, saturated with CO2 and without it, in plastic bottles and ampoules.
  3. Bars.
    We already produce protein bars with more than 48% protein, diet bars with L-carnitine, muesli bars, energy bars, bars with vitamins and mineral supplements, with white and chocolate icing. In total more than 50 items.
  4. Tableted and encapsulated products.
    We already produce amino acids and amino complexes, fat burners, products for joints, vitamineral formulas, creatine in the form of tablets and capsules - in total of more than 60 names.


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