Our production has an effective quality system, based on the principles of HACCP, ISO 22000, and all the certificates and permits for the production of dietary supplements, specialized food products including those for athletes, dietary therapeutic and dietary preventive nutrition. In 2018, the company successfully passed an audit of leading internationally recognized companies for compliance with international requirements of FSSC 22000.

Our company constantly improves the quality of its products, tries new approaches, and perfects its work in all areas. Our raw material suppliers are tested and reliable. They are some of the best production sites of the world. All the raw materials, without exception, pass 100% input control. They are carefully stored and prepared for further use in the production process.

Our system is always being improved and developed in order to eliminate all possible risks of manufacturing defects. We use only modern equipment that meets high requirements not only for materials, but also for their processing and maintenance.

Our staff continually improve their qualifications passing theoretical and practical classes. Our technological group includes graduates of relevant universities of the country, candidates of science. We conduct joint development with leading research institutes and international companies.

We do not hide our ambitions: to be the best in everything and always achieve results. The harder the task, the more interesting it is.

A certificate of international quality system ISO 22000 and HACCP

Сертификат ISO 22000 рус Сертификат ISO 22000 англ

An approval to the manufacture of dietary supplements

License for the laboratory

Лицензия на лабораторию Лицензия на лабораторию

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