Product quality and safety policy of ART "Sovremennye nautchnye technologii" ("ART Modern Scientific Technologies")

The basis for a long-term policy, we believe the focus on meeting the growing demands and expectations of our consumers by ensuring stable quality of products.
Safety and high quality of products are achieved by us at all stages of their life cycle through the implementation of measures to preserve the stability of the characteristics of manufactured products, the identification and elimination of hazards, their prediction and prevention.
Our priority measures to maintain stability and improve the performance and safety of the products include:

  • improving the competence and qualification of the personnel, formation of leadership team;
  • work with reliable suppliers and raw materials, inspection test of incoming ingredients;
  • work on the developed and updated techniques and technologies without deviations;
  • improved performance of production equipment, prevention of emergency situations and premature failure;
  • introduction of advanced scientific technologies, formulations, that meet the world latest achievements of sports science;
  • control of technological parameters, semi-finished products, sanitary conditions at the manufacturing stage;
  • strict observance of HACCP principles and ISO 22000:2005 requirements (GOST R ISO 22000-2007);
  • regular internal monitoring and rapid response to complaints and claims of consumers.

We take all measures to ensure the safety and improve quality of our products by conducting works according to uniform rules of ISO, IEC, EU, national systems of other countries, developing cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign companies and organizations involved in the management of quality and safety.
Achieving a high level of product quality is the responsibility of each employee, daily putting love and hard work into every piece, bit by bit gaining consumer confidence in our products.

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